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I just had to. I missed it. 

Collateral Icons. Allison is pretty. You can Grab, Thank, Comment and Smile.

I might pimp this on communities later.

Hope you like!

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Woah! Feels weird to be writing in here! Probably most of you don't even remember me, my english is a bit rusty but I'll give it a try and write something that happened to me today... Smallville wise.

Few things you should know. Ok, by Asshole I mean Clark and I won't mention Lois out of respect, I just refuse to believe that's a real character by a real actress, she could be a virtual one though. (: Note the sarcasm with the use of  " ".

Here we go...
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Chloe Pimping!!

Chloe Pimping Post  Day :D I'm in a really really good mood today and I want to pimp one of my favorite characters on TV: Chloe Sullivan. So, yay!! LOL

1) The Chloe Fan Auction is almost over!!! People is offering signed stuff (by Jared Padalecki and Gillian "Scully" Anderson), fanmade videos, icons, banners and fanfiction. You don't want to miss it, right?

BID @ chloefanauction !!! Deadline: APRIL 3rd at Noon PST!!

I offered some icons and banners right HERE. :D Go and make me yours for one day! lol I'm kidding, not exactly yours... just go and read okay lol


2) Legendary Chloe. A Chloe Sullivan Appreciation Project!!! You must check the website   http://www.legendarychloe.com/

and the trailer... YOUTUBE * VIMEO ... Chloe fans are just too awesome for words <3


That's it. Peace out and Happy Easter!! :)


Hi everyone!!! :D There's something awesome going on, this big fandom event: the Chloe Sullivan Fan Auction where you can bid on stories, graphics,  vids and merchandise!!! (most Smallville related but there's some Supernatural stuff too, plus some artists offer other fandoms :) )

Check it out over here @ chloefanauction 

I'm offering some art, if you were wondering LOL right.... HERE. :D Chloe, Chlark, Chlavis, Chlollie... even Glee, Gilmore Girls, Friends, you name it!!! :)  Ready? Set... BID!!!!!


Last icon batch of mine... HEREHEREHERE.

Multifandom Post

So... I'm here again!! LOL Changed some icons and my journal theme. :D This time I brought you some Glee icons (Yes, I love Mark), Gilmore Girls and of course Smallville ('cause Allison and Cassidy are pretty and I couldn't resist Chlollie icons). Hope you enjoy them!!! :D Love ya'll!!!  

*Some Smallville spoilers *cough*Chlollie*cough**

Photobucket Photobucket Smallville Chloe Gilmore Girls Glee

**Comment, Snag & Credit**
**No Hotlinking or re-posting**
**If you want something different in any icon, I'll change it, just for you :D ;) **
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Chloe/AM Icons

Ok, here we go, a bunch of icons... Chloe (few oldies), Chlark, Chlavis, Chloe + new guy, Allison too. :)

Warning. Warrior Spoilers.

+ No Hotlinking :(
+ Yes Comment & Credit :)
+ Love ya'll!!! :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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In Memory

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

AM/Chloe Icons :D

So I'm in a better mood now and after seeing some pics I had to icon. :D  Thanks iliana_1 :D

Posting others from the  challenge "Where She Belongs" :) I won 1st and 3rd place (tie) and I'm proud LOL It's the first time I've ever won something! :D

Hope you like them, and soon I'll be fully back. :) Love ya'll!!

allison mack  allison mack Photobucket Photobucket Chloe Sullivan

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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Laura!!!! I hope you're having an awesome day, my best wishes go to you girl. You're awesome and one of my favorite chlavis fans/writers *hugs*

Your gift. It's my favorite quote from Among Us *coughImissitbtwcough*

To vagrantdream !!!! Happy b-day!! :D


Chlavis Video!!

I started this video like 4 months ago LOL but I had some time to finish it, finally. It's short but I had lots of fun doing it. There's another one coming, a Chloe one. So wait for it. :D

This one is dedicated to my almost twin, an awesome chlaviser, KJ!! Her birthday was yesterday, just like mine. :D yay us!!

I wanna thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Love ya'll!!